Universal Genève “The Compax Nina Rindt”. Status: sold

Universal Genève “The Compax Nina Rindt” 0

Amazing example of steel Universal “Nina Rindt” ref. 885103/02. Extraordinary panda dial with black registers. This Universal Genève Compax is known as the “Nina Rindt” because it was worn by the wife of the famous Formula One driver Jochen Rindt. Nina, who was also a pilot, was seen and photographed numerous times wearing this style of Universal Geneve Compax.

Caliber: Valjoux 72 / Universal Genève 85.
Case n: 2412xxx.
Diam: 36mm
Manufactured in: 1960’s

Status: sold

You can read more about the history of this iconic watch at “The Onlyvintage Magazine”

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