Rolex “The Meters First Red Submariner ref. 1680”. Status: sold

Amazing steel Rolex Submariner ref.1680 manufactured in 1970. The present specimen stands out not only for its exceptional case but for the early and rare dial featuring the Meters First depth and “Submariner” in red. The tritium has aged in a charming ivory color. Certainly one of the most attractive and collectible Rolex sport models.

Reference 1680 was launched in 1967 and represents the very first Submariner with a date function. Early examples like the present one, displayed the “Meters first” depth and “Submariner” in red.

Case n.: 2.421xxx
Cal.: Automatic, cal. 1570
Diam.: 39.5 mm
Box & Papers: none
Manufactured in: 1970

Status: sold

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