Rolex "The Lobster Stella dial Day-Date ref.1803"

Rolex “The Lobster Stella dial Day-Date ref.1803”. Status: sold

Rolex "The Lobster Stella dial Day-Date ref.1803"

Amazing example of Rolex 18k yellow gold Stella dial Day-Date ref 1803, manufactured in 1975. The present specimen features a very rare Lobster-color lacquered dial preserved in superb condition, providing an amazing contrast with the yellow gold case.

“Stella” (latin for “Star”) was the nickname given to Rolex dials featuring lacquer in vivid colors. The multiple layers in combination with the lively colors created a luminous and vibrant look that made such timepieces especially sought-after. Produced from the 1960s to the 1990s, such dials were fitted with cases in yellow, pink or white gold and platinum.

Case n.: 3.951xxx
Calibre: Automatic, cal. 1556
Diameter: 36mm
Box e Papers: none
Manufactured in: 1975

Price: on request

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