Rolex “The steel black Decimal Scale Pre-Daytona ref. 6234”. Status: available

Breathtaking and unique example of steel Rolex “Pre-Daytona” ref. 6234, manufactured in 1959. The present chronograph stands out for its extraordinary condition both of the case and the dial. It is the one and only 6234 known featuring the decimal scale.

The present watch was sold from Christie’s Auction on 14th of May 2012.

Christie’s: “According to the seller, the original owner of this rare chronograph was an officer in the Italian army and served as a ballistic engineer. 

Rolex’s reference 6234 is a classic within the Oyster chronograph family and many dial versions are known to have been used. The present example however appears to be the only publicly reference 6234 featuring, on top of the well-known tachometre scale, the ultra-rare decimal scale.

This scale, calibrated from 0 to 100, was designed for a number of timing operations, notably statistical analysis, calculation of averages and cost prices to name but a few functions.

Its use is simple and practical, allowing its wearer to push the start button when a production process is started and to press the stop button when the task is completed. The elapsed time, traditionally shown by the central chronograph hand expressed in seconds, is now indicated in a fraction of 100ths of a minute. Consequently, the output by minute, hour or day can now be comfortably and swiftly calculated.

We have not been able to locate another example of this chronograph model featuring such a scale throughout literature and decades of past auction catalogues. One can only speculate if it was a trial or special order which was exceptionally granted by Rolex”

Case n.: 425xxx

Cal.: Manual, cal. 72

Diam.: 36 mm

Box & Papers: none

Manufactured in: 1959

Price: on request

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