corrado mattarelli

Member of IWJG since the 90’s, Corrado Mattarelli has been in the watch business since 1992.
His expertise, knowledge and reputation are recognized by the main auction houses, collectors and dealers all over the world.
Quality and rarity are the leitmotiv of his constant research of beautiful and unique timepieces.

“It has been 20 years since I bought my first watch and I still get excited every time.
Is there anything better than turning a passion into work?
This website is dedicated to those who, like me, have a passion for vintage.
Thanks for visiting. Enjoy.”

Corrado Mattarelli

At Onlyvintage we care about rare collection pieces as much as we care for our clients. We travel around the world to personally guarantee the selection of the most important watches. Knowing that each transaction is unique, whether it takes place in an auction or during a private sale, we always keep in mind the best interest of each client. We supervise all aspects of legislation, import duties and taxes of the country of destination, to make sure that we always propose the most convenient services.