Sell your watch

Either you want to diversify your collection, found another favorite reference you would like to purchase or simply, you decided to sell one of your timepieces.

Whatever reason you have, we understand that selling may seem as a difficult, not-know-where-to-begin process.

Here at Onlyvintage, with years of expertise, we have simplified this process for you, driven by our passion for unique references. Please note that our mentality as much as our interest, are concentrated in important, vintage references of haute horlogerie.

Wherever you are located, you can simply send us some photos of the watch you would like to sell and we will reply to you shortly, giving you as many information as possible- including an objective price estimate of your watch. Once a mutual agreement has been reached, we organize the fully insured shipment of the watch. You can choose to receive a wire transfer of the agreed amount or trade your watch with one of our timepieces. In any case, we are here to help you.

Please send us a direct email at with all information relevant to the watch and we will reply to you shortly. To see all our contact details, please click here.